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The Ruby Feather
Community Support Program

Let me help you create!

Creating TTRPG content can be hard, not least because creating often costs money or requires help from people with specialized skill sets. Let me help you out. When I started out, I was struggling to spend money on my creations: illustrators, editors, layout artists—all these people deserve to be paid! I also did not know who to ask for help with editing, layout, or marketing.

I want to use some of the revenue from my TTRPG work as well as my time and expertise to give back to the community. This is why I initiated the Ruby Feather Community Support Program. If you need money or someone who works with you to bring your creations to life, this is for you.

You can ask for my help with editing or layout of your title, or for hard cash to pay people working with you on your project. The editing and layout services I can provide depend on my time availability. The funds I can provide vary by month, based on my own TTRPG earnings.

  • Applications are possible continuously, just fill out the form below any time you like!

  • On the first day of every month, I screen the submissions of the previous month and select who receives a stipend within one week. I may not always be able to inform everyone individually if you are not selected, so if you do not hear from me by the 7th of the month after you submitted your application, I'm afraid that I could not consider your application on that month.

  • If you are not selected, please do not hesitate to apply again, even immediately! If you have received support from the Ruby Feather Community Support Program in the past, please wait one month before submitting another application; any earlier new applications will not be considered.

  • If you receive support in the form of editing or layout work from me, you must acknowledge this in the credits of your final product.

  • If you receive monetary support from the Ruby Feather Community Stipend, you must (a) sign a sponsorship agreement, (b) acknowledge this support in the credits of your final product, and (c) place the Ruby Feather logo in the product. If you would like to include a link to this website, so other creators can find the support they need, it would be greatly appreciated!

  • I do not require any receipts or other confirmation on how you spend the funds provided via this stipend.

  • Payments are made exclusively via PayPal, so you must be able to receive such payments.

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